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Thank you for bringing me gently to the area of my life which required focus – my job and my place in the world. Thank you for asking the right questions, prompting me to recognise that creating change is something I very much need to do, and therefore allowing me to see that there might just be something else out there for me. I now feel enthused and ready to get back in the flow! Your approach in giving that encouragement and guidance has been hugely significant in making the experience such a positive one.

Caroline, Practice Nurse, Cheshire

Janice has helped me focus on areas of my life that needed to change and where I have been experiencing some resistance.  Life coaching has helped me move towards my goals and by giving my commitment to taking baby steps, I have experienced a shift in my thinking and gained new found confidence.

Deborah Seabrook
Training and Development Manager, Devon

I should have no hesitation in recommending Janice for anyone seeking advice or guidance in making positive changes in their lives, whether at work or in the personal sphere. She combines her warmth and enthusiasm with a sensible, practical approach to help you to make a series of manageable steps to achieve your goal. I felt that she had real empathy: not mere touchy-feely “I feel your pain” psychobabble, but the down-to-earth common sense of someone, who has experienced and is still experiencing some of the challenges many of us share in life.

Lawyer, Cheshire

The day went extremely well – we ran four workshops concurrently and also offered some bookable 1:1 sessions to students so that they had the opportunity to speak confidentially to a professional if necessary.  The feedback from the students was very positive; they all enjoyed the day and felt that it was relevant in terms of their personal development and preparation for university life.

Jan Jennings

Learning Mentor/Pastoral Co-ordinator, Brine Leas Sixth Form


A confident, affable and eloquent speaker, Janice quickly engaged her audience and established a good rapport. She  supported the points she made with experiences and examples from her own life enabling the audience to
identify with and relate to the subject matter more easily. Humour and audience participation also formed an integral part of her presentation which added interest and enhanced Janice's delivery. Thought provoking, entertaining and very enjoyable.


Human Resources, Cheshire